Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bridges along the waterways

At the confluence of the Wabash River, Roger found the need to bear his chest in celebration. And at one point during the trip, we ferried two floating rafts full of Keystone Light. -- Jay

Falldown paddling under covered bridge

Jay and covered bridge

Many of America's iron and wooden bridges are in a state of decay and disrepair. And by our observations, most of them are closed along with the roads and train tracks that once fed them. -- Jay

The covered bridge is a newly built covered bridge of all wood construction near Greenup, Illinois. -- Jay

As many of these images weren't mentioned in previous journal entries, I found the need for some explanation. Bridges were a daily conversation topic. We spoke often about the demise of the classic American iron and covered bridge. The former is a wood planked single lane iron core bridge near St. Francisville, Illinois. It really captured our imaginations watching old trucks slowly creep and creak across the old bridge. -- Jay

Surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery, Jay and Falldown paddled downriver

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  1. excellent commentary,,,,,,that guy should write a book? interesting read. rick